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How do I remove negative feedback I've submitted?

If you're happy enough to turn it into a recommendation instead, you can simply log in to your account on the site and update your feedback. If you Read more...

How do customers leave me feedback?

1. Customers you've found through the site can login at and then click Leave Feedback here: 2. You can login and click on Read more...

Does my business have any negative reviews?

Check your feedback page. If you have less than 5 stars, you have one or more negative reviews. Email us by clicking the button below to find out more. I Read more...

ServiceSeeking Feedback Policy

Here is our full Feedback & Reviews Policy on Read more...
Media Enquiries
Jeremy Levitt
CEO of, is available to comment on the pricing of household trades and services, or to answer any other media related enquiries.

Please send all media enquiries to with "Attention Jeremy Levitt" in the subject line.
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