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How does it work? (Customers)

1. Alert local businesses about your needs

You explain what you need done. You should include info about your budget, timeframe and availability. You can attach plans, photos or other explanatory documents, too. It takes 2 minutes to get going.

We'll then alert local businesses with the relevant skills by email.

2. Businesses contact you

Local businesses interested in your listing will contact you. If they need more info, they can correspond with you privately and securely through the website. They may also exchange contact details with you to arrange a site inspection, a phone discussion, or a preliminary meeting.

3. You choose the best

We'll alert you whenever a business expresses interest in your listing. You can view their profile to find contact details, experience, references, licenses and qualifications. You don't have to choose a business if you don't think anybody's suitable enough.

4. Pay through the site.

It's safe, easy and convenient. No need to leave cash at home for the cleaner. :)

5. Leave Feedback

If you do choose a business you can leave them a feedback rating. If they do a great job, you can let others know.

How it Works - Customers

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