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What are the benefits of a Premium Membership?

What Does Premium Membership Include?

HEAPS! A stack of features designed to give you an advantage and help you win more work. 

Here we go….

  1. Everything in Basic Membership – Directory and Profile Page
  2. Ranked Above Basic Members – You will be ranked higher in our Directory and your quotes will be featured above Basic Members. Customers will then see your quotes before others giving you an advantage. 
  3. Pro Badge Eligibility – The Pro Badge lets customers’ know you are insured and reputable. This increases your trust level and improves your hire rate
  4. Highlighted Banner Around Your Quotes – Customers’ often pick businesses whose quotes ‘stand-out’. Your quotes will be highlighted and be featured above your competitors
  5. Featured Reviews – Showcase your best reviews by ensuring they always appear at the top of your Profile page. Reviews are probably the most important factor in customers choosing you over your competitors so always have the best ones featured.
  6. Exclusive Jobs – Customers will be able to hire you directly from your Profile Page. No need for them to post a job – they can just call and hire you directly. 
  7. Police Check Badge – Customers get a higher sense of security and trust with businesses that have been police check verified. 

Want to know more about Master Membership?

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